Avoid Phishing

c"Phishing" is a technique where hackers copy the appearance of a trusted web site to pretend to be the real website that you access; they send fake emails "spam" that use extensions like domains and website. This technique encourages the recipient of the mail to enter their personal data and passwords through a link or path to a web page that visually appears to be the legitimate entity. For this reason, you need to know and be familiar with the design of the website of Balboa Securities, Corp., avoiding, click paths contained in received e-mails that falsely invited to refer to the page of Balboa Securities, Corp. Remember, the safest way to access our web address is that you type the same data in the browser.

Balboa Securities, Corp. will never send emails requesting your "login" user, passwords, card numbers or other confidential information when you registered in our online services. Balboa Securities, Corp. will never request your account information or passwords via email. You can only update your personal information or passwords, in our agencies. If you think you have received a fake email, please contact us immediately.